What is the Be Easy Community?

The Be Easy Community is a vibrant and exclusive ecosystem created especially for our exchange students. It is the space where all those who chose Be Easy to fulfill their exchange dreams come together to share their experiences, knowledge and adventures.

Our community

Here, you'll find a searchable member directory, with advanced profiles, that allows you to connect with other exchange students who are in the same country or city, who are studying the same language, or who share the same dream. This is a space where the exchange of experiences is valued and encouraged, providing an environment of support and mutual growth.

In addition, the Be Easy Community offers a series of resources to further enrich your exchange experience. Here, you can participate in live broadcasts, engage in discussions, take advantage of events and courses, and even join associations. And all of this happens within our community, under the Be Easy brand.

In short, the Be Easy Community is more than just a forum - it's a complete platform, designed to make your exchange journey even more enriching and unforgettable. Welcome to the Be Easy Community, the exclusive space for Be Easy exchange students!

Welcome to Be Easy!

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