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Discover the most different foods in the world

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In this article, we're going to explore some of the most exotic and intriguing foods you may encounter during your journey around the world. Get ready for a gastronomic adventure full of surprising flavors!

The exchange is an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in different cultures, and gastronomy is a fascinating aspect of that experience. Each country has its culinary peculiarities, some of which may sound unusual for the most conservative palates.

1. Escargot: the French delicacy that creeps onto your plate

In France, escargots, popularly known as snails, are considered a sophisticated delicacy. These mollusks are cooked with butter, garlic, and herbs, and served in their own shells. The flavor is delicate and slightly earthy, with a soft and juicy texture.

If you're planning an exchange in France, be sure to try this local specialty. It may seem intimidating at first glance, but escargots are a unique dining experience worth experiencing. After all, French cuisine is recognized worldwide for its sophistication and striking flavors.

2. Witchetty grub: the Australian caterpillar that feeds adventurers

In Australia, the Witchetty Grubs are moth larvae that inhabit the roots of native trees. These whitish, plump beings are considered a nutritional delicacy by Aboriginal Australians. With a flavor reminiscent of almonds and a creamy texture, Witchetty Grubs can be eaten raw or roasted. For palate adventurers, tasting this delicacy is a way to connect with indigenous Australian culture and experience a unique gastronomic experience.

Learn language abroad and trying dishes like this is a way to connect deeply with the local culture.

3. Suri: the Peruvian appetizer that creeps

• In Peru, suris are beetle larvae that inhabit palm trees in the Andean region.

• These little beings are considered a nutritious and tasty delicacy by the locals.

• Suris can be eaten raw, fried, or grilled, and are prized for their unique flavor and crunchy texture.

4. Haggis: The Scottish national dish that defies imagination

Scotland is renowned for its robust and comforting cuisine, and Haggis is the dish that best represents that tradition. Made with sheep's stomachs stuffed with finely chopped offal, oats, onions, and spices, Haggis is cooked until soft and juicy. The flavor is intense and slightly spicy, with a unique texture.

If you're doing an exchange in Scotland, be sure to try this iconic dish. Usually served with mashed potatoes and turnips, Haggis is a dining experience that reflects Scottish history and culture. Open your mind and taste buds to this unforgettable delicacy.

5. Fugu: the Japanese fish that defies death

1. In Japan, Fugu is a highly poisonous puffer fish, but also considered a refined delicacy.

2. The preparation of Fugu requires skill and precision, as a minor flaw can be fatal for the consumer.

3. Only highly trained and licensed chefs are authorized to prepare and serve this fish.

4. Fugu is prized for its delicate flavor and smooth texture, in addition to the adrenaline of knowing that you are consuming something potentially dangerous.

5. If you're adventurous and are doing an exchange in Japan, Fugu can be an unforgettable dining experience.


Exploring local cuisine is an essential part of the exchange experience. Each exotic dish carries with it stories, traditions and flavors that reflect the identity of a people. By venturing into these unusual delicacies, you not only expand your gastronomic horizons, but you also connect deeply with the culture of the country you are visiting.

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