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Essential tips for a smooth airport experience

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In this article, we present a series of essential recommendations to make your passage through the airport smoother and make the most of the available facilities. Discover how to prepare properly, what to pack in your hand bag, and how to expedite your immigration passage, ensuring a stress-free trip.

Prepare in advance for a stress-free trip

Traveling can be an incredible experience, but spending a lot of time at the airport due to long connections, delays, or flight cancellations can be challenging. However, with a little planning and some practical tips, you can turn that wait into a pleasant and even fun time.

Before departing for the airport, be sure to check in online. This simple action can save time and allow you to choose the best seat on the plane. Also, be aware of the length of stay allowed for cars in the boarding and disembarking areas, thus avoiding unnecessary parking expenses.

What to pack in your hand bag

  • Chargers and cables for your electronic devices, ensuring that you can keep them charged while traveling.
  • A portable charger, to have an extra and safe source of energy, regardless of the availability of outlets at the airport.
  • An empty water bottle and a personal hygiene kit, including toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, deodorant, and wet wipes.
  • Clothes of greater volume and weight, avoiding the expense of excess luggage. You can use a blouse as a pillow while resting at the airport or on the plane.
  • Download your boarding pass, important documents, series, and favorite music at home to avoid problems if the airport's Wi-Fi doesn't work properly.
  • If you plan Learn language abroad or take a University abroad, bring related materials to take advantage of your time at the airport and prepare for your international experience.

Make the most of the airport facilities

Many airports offer a variety of facilities to make your stay more comfortable. Research ahead of time about available options, such as lounges, VIP lounges, libraries, guided tours, yoga classes, and pet rest spaces.

Also, check to see if the airport has apps that allow you to order food in advance. This convenience can save time and avoid queues, allowing you to enjoy a quiet meal while waiting for your flight.

Steps to expedite your immigration journey

1. Check if your destination offers programs that expedite the passage through immigration, such as Global Entry in the United States.

2. Keep digital copies of your documents and proof of vaccination in a cloud folder, ensuring easy access when needed.

3. Adjust your device's clock to the time of your destination in advance, avoiding confusion and adapting more quickly to the new time zone.

4. Be aware of the specific requirements of the country you are traveling to and prepare accordingly by gathering all the necessary documents.

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