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Most used social networks and apps in Germany

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If you're planning to do an exchange in Germany, it's essential to know the social media platforms and apps that are most popular among Germans. In addition to being great tools for connecting with locals, they can also help you improve your German and integrate into the country's culture. In this article, we are going to explore the peculiarities of social networks and apps in Germany.

Top social media platforms in Germany

Facebook is the most popular social network in Germany with millions of active users. Germans use the platform to keep in touch with friends and family, join interest groups, and follow company and brand pages.

Another widely used social network is Instagram, especially among young Germans. The platform is renowned for its compelling visual content and is a great place to share photos and videos of your adventures in Germany.

Popular messaging apps in Germany

  • WhatsApp: The most used messaging app in Germany, ideal for communicating with German friends and colleagues.
  • Telegram: Gaining popularity due to its end-to-end encryption and advanced features.
  • Signal: Known for its strong encryption and focus on user privacy.
  • Theme: An encrypted messaging app developed in Switzerland, which has been gaining followers in Germany.
  • Take advantage of these platforms to connect with other students and study and work in Germany.

Tips for improving your German online

Social networks and apps provide excellent opportunities to practice and improve your German. Follow German pages and influencers on Facebook and Instagram to expose yourself to the language in an authentic and contextualized way.

Join online language exchange groups, where you can talk to native German speakers and learn slang and colloquial expressions. In addition, there are several language learning apps, such as Duolingo and Babbel, that offer interactive lessons and exercises to improve your language skills.

Etiquette on German social networks

1. Privacy: Germans highly value their online privacy. Avoid sharing excessive personal information and respect the privacy of others.

2. Formality: When interacting with Germans on social media, especially in professional settings, use more formal language and avoid excessive slang or abbreviations.

3. Punctuality: If you make an appointment or video call with a German friend, be sure to be punctual. Punctuality is highly valued in German culture.

4. Respect: Avoid heated discussions or offensive comments on social media. Germans appreciate respectful and well-founded debates.

Be Easy

Browsing social networks and apps popular in Germany can be an excellent way to connect with locals, improve your German, and integrate with the country's culture during your exchange. A Be Easy is here to help you on that journey, providing support and guidance every step of the way. Contact us to find out how we can help you make the most of your experience in Germany, both online and offline. Together, let's make your exchange unforgettable!

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