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University of Europe for Applied Sciences (EU): Renowned institution in Germany

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The University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) is a German higher education institution that offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate study programs recognized and accredited by the state. With a focus on excellence in teaching and international orientation, the EU stands out as one of the best universities in Germany and the world.

Diversified and innovative study programs

The EU offers a variety of study programs in different areas, meeting students' needs and interests:

  • Art & Design: Courses that cover graphic design, fashion, media, and communication, preparing students for creative and innovative careers.
  • Business & Sport: Programs focused on management, entrepreneurship, sports, and events, empowering students to succeed in the business and sports world.
  • Tech & Software: Courses that cover software engineering, computer science, and information technology, preparing students for the demands of the digital labor market.
  • Dual Programmes: Programs that combine study and work, allowing students to apply their knowledge in a professional environment while studying.
  • Health & Psychology: Courses in the areas of health, psychology, and well-being, empowering students for careers focused on care and human development.
  • Foundation Year: A preparatory program that provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully enter an undergraduate program.

Work and study in Germany it's an incredible opportunity, and the EU offers all the necessary support for students to make the most of this experience. With a practical, project-oriented approach, students have the chance to apply their knowledge in real situations and develop valuable skills for their careers.

International recognition and awards

The EU has been recognized for its excellence in teaching and international orientation by various organizations and rankings:

  1. STERN, Deutsche Institut für Service-Qualität and ntv: The EU received awards for its excellent teaching.
  2. U-Multirank: Recognized the EU as a global leader in international orientation and ranked it as one of the TOP 10 universities in business studies.
  3. “German Education Award 2023/24": The EU has been recognized as one of the best private universities in Germany.
  4. Globis: In 2023/24, the EU achieved exceptional results in research conducted by Globis in the field of continuing education providers, being ranked among the top five in two categories.
  5. DEUTSCHLAND TEST: A customer survey conducted by the renowned analysis and consulting firm ServiceValue, on behalf of DEUTSCHLAND TEST, awarded the EU the title of “TOP Media School”.

These recognitions reflect the EU's commitment to academic excellence and its dedication to preparing students for success in the global labor market.

Modern facilities and innovative features

EU campuses offer state-of-the-art facilities and innovative features to support student learning and development:

1. Animation, green screen and motion lab studios for creative and media projects.

2. TV and photography studios, sound and printing laboratories for practical work and portfolio.

3. 3D laboratories, editing studios, and equipment libraries for specialized projects.

4. Modern classrooms and collaborative study spaces for an ideal learning environment.

5. Sports and wellness facilities to balance studies and personal life.

In addition, the EU offers online resources and student support, ensuring that everyone has access to the tools and assistance necessary to succeed in their studies.

Explore EU campuses virtually

If you can't visit EU campuses in person, don't worry! The EU offers immersive virtual tours that allow you to explore the modern facilities and experience the vibrant and innovative atmosphere that defines the university. From cutting-edge laboratories to well-equipped classrooms, EU campuses are designed to inspire and nurture academic excellence. Check it out here!

Invest in your future with the University of Europe for Applied Sciences

Study at University of Europe for Applied Sciences it is an investment in your personal and professional future. With internationally recognized study programs, experienced faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities, you'll be prepared to stand out in the global job market and achieve your career goals.

Be Easy

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