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Perfect for learning or perfecting a language, experiencing a new culture, making friends, and exploring incredible places.
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Learning a language abroad

The Be Easy Exchange provides the perfect opportunity for those who want to improve your knowledge in another language or even start from scratch! With our study abroad program, you will experience the culture and everyday life of your chosen country, while developing your skills at an internationally recognized school.


  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • deutsch

Available countries

Canada, United States, Malta, England, South Africa, Germany, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Dubai, and others.

Why choose the Be Easy Exchange language program?


The Be Easy Exchange offers an incredible range of options for students. You can choose the country, the school, and even the length of your exchange.

Our goal is to provide a personalized experience that fits your learning needs and objectives.

Accelerate your learning

  • One month of intensive study abroad is equivalent to one year of teaching in traditional schools in Brazil.
  • On the exchange, you will have an average of 20 classroom hours per week.
  • This totals 80 hours a month, this time is 10 times more than the time spent in conventional classes.
Cultural and practical immersion guaranteed

In addition to the intensive workload, being 100% immersed in the local culture and language further accelerates your learning process.

Packages starting at 4 weeks

Our programs have a minimum duration of 4 weeks and can be adjusted according to your availability and objectives.


Experienced team committed to your dreams

Be Easy is made by professionals who have experienced the exchange experience and are aware of all the challenges and opportunities of this transformative journey.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn a new language, make friends, and explore new cultures while having an unforgettable experience. Count on us to make this dream a reality! Contact us now and discover how Be Easy Exchange can help you realize the exchange of your dreams!

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Normally 1 month of study abroad is equivalent to 1 year of teaching at a traditional language school in Brazil. Normally here, people study twice a week, about 8 hours in class per month. On the other hand, in an exchange, the average classroom is 20 hours a week, which is equivalent to 80 hours a month. Not to mention the cultural immersion and the 100% routine in the local language, which brings a much faster evolution.

Permissão de trabalho

Depends on the country



Áreas disponíveis

Regular language, Business English, Preparatory for IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge, Language + activities among others.

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