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In addition to helping with language proficiency, pathways programs are excellent for preparing students for international academic life.
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Pathway for university entry

Make your dream of studying abroad a reality! A Be Easy Bring you the program University Entry Pathway, developed with the purpose of preparing you for international academic life and ensuring your acceptance at renowned universities.

We understand your desires and ambitions and, therefore, we add our expertise to our commitment to your education goals. Through this 4-week program, you will acquire language proficiency and will be ready to overcome the challenges of this unforgettable exchange.

Why choose the University Entry Pathway?

There are a number of reasons that make this option the best choice. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Internationally recognized certification: Partner universities accept the Pathway certificate as proof of your language proficiency, which facilitates your direct entry.
  1. Academic success: Be prepared for college life, with skills and competencies enhanced by the Pathway program. You'll be better equipped to handle the challenges of higher education in another language and in a new culture.
  1. Enriching experience: You will have the opportunity to be part of a community of international students, broadening your horizons and experiencing something unique and transformative, in addition to strengthening your global networking.
  1. Personalized service: Be Easy works with a personalized service, “tailored to you”. Based on your needs and objectives, we assist you at every stage of this unforgettable journey.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Language

Updating your language is more than a simple study action, it's a huge step for your personal and professional development. Take a look at the incredible benefits:

  • Competitiveness in the market: With the updated language, you increase your chances of standing out in the international job market.
  • Effective communication: Mastering a global language allows for effective communication, whether for studying, working, or doing an exchange.
  • Easy to travel: Traveling around the world becomes much easier when you're fluent. Not only for exchange, but also for exploring new cultures and experiences.

Invest in Your Future with the University Entry Pathway

Achieving higher education at an international university is one of the best decisions you can make to boost your career. So don't miss this chance to embark on this extraordinary journey of growth and transformation with Be Easy.

Mark an indelible mark on your future, enroll in the University Entry Pathway program today, and take the first step toward realizing your dreams with Be Easy! 🎓🌍🚀

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Many universities accept the Pathway certificate from our partner schools as proof of language proficiency for direct entry

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Intermediate language

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