Study and Work in Australia

Australia, with a climate similar to Brazil and beautiful beaches, offers a high quality of life and great places for working students.
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18 years and older
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starting at 16 weeks
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48 hours a fortnight and 40 hours a week are allowed during holidays
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Study and Work in Australia

We present to you the program Study and Work in Australia by Be Easy! Your passport to an incredible journey filled with unforgettable experiences, personal and professional growth in one of the most desired countries in the world!

With Be Easy, you have access to a personalized service that will transform your dream of studying and working abroad into reality. Our experienced team is here to help you discover all the unique advantages and opportunities that Australia can offer. Check out some of the benefits:

  1. Highest minimum wage in the world: Australia has the highest minimum wage in the world, around AUD 24.10 per hour. This means that, working just 4 hours a day for two weeks, you can buy something like an iPhone, something unthinkable with the Brazilian minimum wage!

  1. Climate and paradisiacal landscapes: Australia is a destination with a climate similar to Brazil and beautiful landscapes, including white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. A perfect country to enjoy nature and live memorable experiences.

  1. Quality of life: Australia offers an excellent quality of life, with modern infrastructures, efficient services and a multicultural and welcoming population.

  1. Work permit: By opting for our program, for a duration of 16 weeks or more, you will be allowed to work 48 hours a fortnight and, during school holidays, you are allowed to work up to 40 hours a week.

Study in Australia: Benefits and Opportunities

Here are some of the advantages of choosing Australia as your study destination:

Quality of teaching

Australian universities are renowned for their high quality of teaching and academic excellence, offering a wide range of courses, from health sciences to engineering, arts and business.

Reputable universities

Australia is home to other renowned institutions such as the University of Melbourne, Monash University, and the University of Queensland.

Practical learning

Australian institutions value practical learning, providing students with the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in practical environments.

Diversity of culture

Australia has a mix of cultures, providing students with a truly global cultural experience and the chance to interact with people from around the world.

The program Study and Work in Australia it's the perfect opportunity to explore new horizons and prepare for a bright future. It's time to make that dream come true! Be Easy is ready to make your exchange experience unforgettable and transformative.

Don't waste any more time! Come embark with us on the adventure of a lifetime and discover the magic of Australia with Be Easy! Contact us for more information and to take the first step on your incredible journey abroad.

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Highest minimum wage in the world, around AUD 22.00 per hour. Working 4 hours a day, the exchange student can buy an iPhone for two weeks. With the Brazilian minimum wage, about 1 year of work would be necessary.

Permissão de trabalho

48 hours a fortnight and 40 hours a week are allowed during holidays


18 years and older

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