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Studying abroad transforms life and career, offers new culture and market vision, in addition to postgraduate career plans.
University abroad
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January, May and September
Undergraduate (from 3 years) - Postgraduate (from 1 year)
Permissão de trabalho
Most countries allow students to work while studying and while on vacation. The workload varies by country
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University abroad

A Be Easy brings you a unique opportunity to expand your horizons and study at renowned universities abroad. With our experience in the exchange market and our deep knowledge of the best educational institutions around the world, we are here to make your dream of studying abroad a reality.

Take a leap in your career and live an enriching experience, where you:

  • You will have the opportunity to Enhance your resume with a differentiated academic background, valued globally;
  • You will discover new cultures and perspectives, strengthening your market vision and enabling the development of interpersonal and multicultural skills;
  • It will expand your network of contacts connecting with people from all over the world;
  • You will have access to career plans for permanence in the country after the completion of your Undergraduate, Postgraduate or Master's degree;
  • You can work while studying and while on vacation, gaining professional and financial experience abroad.

Exclusive Opportunities

Be surprised to compare the costs of a renowned university in Brazil with a university abroad: the values may be similar, but the benefits and return on investment are unparalleled, including the possibility of completing the course already used.

In addition, our partners offer:

  1. Exclusive discounts for Brazilians.
  2. Exclusive scholarships for Brazilians.

Education Options: Duration and Personalized Support

The programs of undergraduate They last from 3 years, during which students have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in several disciplines fundamental to their academic training.

On the other hand, the options of Postgraduate studies, with a duration starting from 1 year, provide an even more specific specialization in a given area of study.

Count on Be Easy to support you on this educational journey, offering a personalized service and based on our own experiences and knowledge of the market. Our highly qualified staff is ready to assist you in achieving your academic and professional goals.

Don't waste any more time! Invest in your future and transform your life with a University abroad via Be Easy. We are fully committed to helping you achieve your dream and we are proud to be part of that unique story that is the exchange.

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Our partners offer discounts and scholarships for Brazilians. If we compare the cost of a renowned university in Brazil + the cost of living to keep a student in a Brazilian capital, you will be surprised by the comparison of studying abroad. In this comparison, the costs are similar, however, the benefits are much greater, including finishing the course with a job

Permissão de trabalho

Most countries allow students to work while studying and while on vacation. The workload varies by country


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Áreas disponíveis

Management, Accounting, Marketing, Engineering, Nursing, International Relations, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Information Technology, Gastronomy, Hospitality and Tourism, Fashion and many others.

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