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5 Incredible Series to Improve Your Spanish

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Learning Spanish can be fun and engaging, especially when you incorporate series into your study method. Watching series in Spanish not only helps to improve your language skills, but it also offers an immersion in the culture and daily life of Spanish-speaking countries. In this article, we will present 5 unmissable series to help you practice and improve your Spanish.

Ugly Betty

Yo soy Betty, la fea is a popular Colombian telenovela that has won the hearts of millions of viewers around the world. The series follows the life of Betty, an intelligent and competent young woman, but considered “ugly” by society's standards. While working at a fashion company, Betty faces challenges and prejudices as she fights for her place in the professional world.

In addition to being an engaging story, Yo soy Betty, la fea is an excellent choice for practicing Spanish. The series uses accessible vocabulary and everyday expressions, allowing viewers to improve their oral comprehension skills and expand their repertoire of Spanish words and phrases.


  • Élite is a Spanish teen thriller and drama series that takes place at an elite school in Madrid.
  • The series explores themes such as social inequality, sexuality, and crime, while following the lives of a group of students from different backgrounds.
  • Elite dialogues feature slang and colloquial expressions used by young Spaniards, offering an authentic opportunity to practice informal language.
  • Studying Spanish with Élite can help you prepare for everyday interactions and for study and work in Spain.


Narcos is a critically acclaimed series that portrays the rise of drug trafficking in Colombia and the authorities' struggle to combat it. The series focuses primarily on the story of Pablo Escobar, the infamous Colombian drug dealer, and his interaction with other key characters, including DEA agents and members of rival cartels.

Although the series is primarily in English, there is a significant amount of dialogue in Spanish, especially in the scenes depicting Colombian drug traffickers. Watching Narcos can help viewers familiarize themselves with the Colombian accent and vocabulary related to the world of drug trafficking. However, it's important to note that the series contains violence and adult themes, so it may not be suitable for all Spanish students.

Vis to Vis

1. Vis a Vis is a Spanish drama series that takes place in a women's prison and follows the story of Macarena, a young woman who is arrested for crimes she didn't commit.

2. The series explores the complex relationships between female inmates and Macarena's struggle to prove her innocence and survive in the prison environment.

3. Vis a Vis offers a unique opportunity to learn vocabulary and expressions related to the Spanish prison system, in addition to exposing spectators to a variety of accents and slang used by the characters.

The Paper House

While not a specific series for Spanish students, La Casa de Papel is a popular choice among language learners due to its engaging plot and authentic dialogues. The thriller and robbery series follows a group of thieves led by the enigmatic “Professor” in their elaborate plans.

Watching La Casa de Papel can be challenging for beginning students due to the complexity of the vocabulary and the speed of the dialogues. However, with the help of Spanish subtitles and stopping when necessary, the series can be an excellent tool for improving oral comprehension and expanding vocabulary.

Be Easy

Incorporating series in Spanish into your study method can make the learning process more engaging and effective. These 5 series offer a variety of genres and difficulty levels, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your preferences and language skills. If you are planning to study Spanish in Spain or another Spanish-speaking country, Be Easy Exchange can help you find the ideal program to achieve your goals. Contact us today for more information about our Spanish courses and exchange opportunities.

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