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Discover the 5 best pizzas on the planet

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Pizza is a dish loved by people of all ages and cultures around the world. With an infinite variety of flavors and styles, it's no wonder that this culinary icon has conquered hearts and palates in every corner of the globe. In this article, we are going to embark on a gastronomic journey to discover the 5 best pizzas in the world.

Italy: The birthplace of pizza

There's no way to talk about pizza without mentioning Italy. After all, it was in this country that pizza, as we know it today, was born. Authentic Neapolitan pizza, originally from Naples, is considered by many to be the true queen of pizzas. With its thin pasta, juicy tomato sauce, and melted cheese, this culinary masterpiece won fans around the world.

In addition to the Neapolitan pizza, the Roman version is also worth highlighting. Although Rome is not the central region for Italian pizza, its pizzerias offer unique and unforgettable flavors. If you're planning a trip to Italy, be sure to try the delights of Michelle's L'Antica Pizzeria in Naples or the Baffetto Pizzeria in Rome.

United States: an American passion

• Chicago: Known for its thick, stuffed crust pizza, the city of Chicago is a true paradise for pizza lovers.

• New York: The famous pizza slices sold on the streets of New York are a cultural icon and a must-try for any visitor, perfect for those seeking Learn a language abroad or study at a University abroad.

• Italian influence: Although the United States developed its own style of pizza, the influence of Italian immigrants in the popularization of this dish in the country is undeniable.

Argentina: the Latin touch

Our Argentinian neighbors also have every reason to be proud of their pizzas. The descendants of Italians living in Argentina have improved the Italian pizza dough, creating a unique and irresistible flavor. Buenos Aires' pizzerias have won several international awards, attesting to the quality and incomparable flavor of Argentinian pizzas.

If you're planning a trip to the Argentine capital, be sure to visit the renowned pizzerias El Cuartito and Güerrin. Get ready for an unforgettable gastronomic experience, with thin-crust pizzas, generous fillings and a Latin touch that will conquer your palate.

England: a refined taste

1. London: The English capital surprises with its smooth and sophisticated pizzas, the result of the fusion between Italian tradition and British touch.

2. Pilgrims Pizza: Don't be fooled by appearances - some of the best pizzas in London are found on the streets, such as the famous Pilgrims Pizza.

3. Homeslice Pizza: Another London pizzeria worth highlighting is Homeslice Pizza, known for its innovative creations and unique flavors.

4. Royal approval: They say that even the queen surrenders to the charms of English pizzas!

Vietnam: a delightful surprise

It may seem surprising, but Vietnam also has its place in the ranking of the best pizzas in the world. Some foodie adventurers claim that Vietnamese pizzas are even better than traditional Italian pizzas. If you're planning a trip to Vietnam, be sure to try Hoi Na's Good Morning delights. Get ready to have your expectations surpassed and your palate conquered by unique and unexpected flavors.

Be Easy

Pizza is much more than just a meal - it's a cultural experience that unites people around the world. By exploring the best pizzas on the planet, you not only satisfy your taste buds but also embark on a journey of unforgettable discoveries and flavors. And if you're planning a gastronomic trip to try these delights, the Be Easy Exchange can help you make that dream a reality.

Our team of specialists is ready to offer personalized advice, helping with the choice of destinations, the organization of the trip and at every stage of the process. Contact us and discover how to transform your passion for pizza into an unforgettable international adventure!

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