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Fall or Spring: what is the best season for your exchange?

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In this article, we will explore the characteristics of each season and help you decide which is the best option for your outdoor adventure. Get ready to be enchanted by the colors and sensations that these times of year can provide!

Breathtaking landscapes

Choosing the ideal time to do an exchange is one of the most important decisions when planning your trip. Fall and spring are seasons that offer unique experiences, with stunning landscapes, pleasant temperatures and a series of interesting activities.

One of the main attractions of fall and spring is the incredible landscapes they offer. In autumn, the foliage takes on shades of yellow, orange and red, creating breathtaking scenery. Cities like Queenstown, New Zealand, and Kyoto, Japan, are renowned for their stunning autumnal landscapes. It's the perfect time to explore wine routes, follow the harvest and enjoy the vineyards with their vibrant colors.

Spring, on the other hand, is known for being the season of flowers. After a long winter, the gardens and parks come to life with the blossoming of flowers, creating a colorful and fragrant spectacle. The Keukenhof, in the Netherlands, is the largest tulip garden in the world and attracts thousands of visitors during spring. In Japan, the cherry blossom is a long-awaited event celebrated across the country. Cities like Toronto, Canada, are also even more beautiful with flowers in flowerbeds and parks.

Ideal temperatures to explore

Fall and spring are seasons of transition, with milder and more pleasant temperatures for those who wish Learn a language abroad or study at a University abroad. In autumn, the days start to get shorter and the temperatures decrease gradually, varying between 7°C and 21°C. This season is considered one of the best for visiting cities in the Southern Hemisphere, such as Sydney and Auckland, due to the mild climate and low humidity.

In spring, the sun shines more brightly, the days get longer and the temperatures rise gradually. It's the perfect time to explore cities without needing many layers of clothing, taking advantage of the pleasant weather for outdoor outings, such as picnics in parks and hikes.

Activities for all tastes

  • In autumn, take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of city parks, go hiking, and participate in gastronomic and cultural festivals.
  • Spring is ideal for outdoor activities, such as picnics with friends, bike rides, and city walks.
  • In both periods, tourist spots tend to be emptier, allowing for a quieter and more authentic experience.
  • Music, art, and sports festivals also take place at these stations, offering a variety of entertainment options.

What to pack in the suitcase

With the temperature changes characteristic of autumn and spring, it is important to be prepared when packing. Check out some tips:

1. In the fall, invest in pieces such as sweaters, light jackets, and long pants. Don't forget to bring accessories such as gloves, caps and warm socks to protect yourself from low temperatures, especially at night.

2. In spring, bet on light and versatile pieces, such as t-shirts, shirts, dresses and thinner pants. Always keep a coat or jacket handy for any temperature changes.

3. In both cases, it is important to wear clothes that can be combined with each other, creating practical and comfortable looks for different occasions.

4. Don't forget to check the weather forecast before traveling and adapt your suitcase according to the weather conditions expected for your destination.

Save on tickets and enjoy more

In addition to offering incredible landscapes and pleasant temperatures, fall and spring are considered low season in many destinations, which means more affordable prices for airfares and lodging. Take this opportunity to save money and experience local culture more authentically, without the crowds of tourists in high season.

With proper planning and an assertive choice of season, your exchange in autumn or spring will be an unforgettable experience, filled with learning, discoveries, and special moments.

Be Easy

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